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Corneometer® CM 825

The World's Most Popular Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument

CM QuadratFor more than 30 years the Corneometer® has provided the worldwide most used method to reproducibly and accurately determine the hydration level of the skin surface (Stratum corneum). This is documented by the numerous mentions in scientific literature in which the terms "corneometry" and skin hydration measurements are inseparable. The accuracy of other hydration measurement instrumentation on the market is always assessed against the standard of the Corneometer®.




The Measuring Principle

Advantages of the Corneometer®

Fields of Application

Technical Data

The Measuring Principle

The measurement is based on capacitance measurement of a dielectric medium. The Corneometer® CM 825 measures the change in the dielectric constant due to skin surface hydration changing the corneoprinzcapacitance of a precision capacitor. The measurement can detect even slight changes in the hydration level.


Advantages of the Corneometer®

  • Substances on the skin (e.g. salts or residues of topical applied products) have only minimal influence due to capacitance measurement.
  • It allows very quick measurement (1 s) important to avoid occlusion.
  • Continuous measurements over a longer period can optionally be performed.
  • The measurement depth is very small (10-20 μm of the Stratum corneum) to exclude the influence of deeper skin layers (e.g. from the blood vessels). Measurements on an only 15 μm thick foil show only 20 % of the original measurement value.
  • The probe is small and lightweight for easy handling and measurement on all body sites (e.g. lips etc.).
  • The spring in the probe head ensures constant pressure on the skin enabling exact, reproducible measurements. 
  • The accuracy of the Corneometer® probe and the penetration depth of the scatterfield can be checked easily anytime.
  • The probe head can quickly be cleaned after each measurement.
  • Worldwide established as "corneometry" with a broad range of studies. The Corneometer® has even been used on a space mission on the ISS.
  • The Corneometer® CM 825 and its predecessor Corneometer® CM 820 are the only skin moisture measurement instruments of which the accuracy have ever been evaluated in a broad multicentric study*.

*U. Heinrich, U. Koop, et al.: Multicentre comparison of skin hydration in terms of physical-, physiological- and product-dependent parameters by the capacitance method (Corneometer CM 825), International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2003, 25, 45-51

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 Fields of Application:

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The hydration measurement is the basic measurement for all bio-medical and cosmetic applications.

  • Ideal instrument for formulation, claim support and efficacy testing of all cosmetics & skin care products (personal care, irritation research, soaps and cleansers, occlusive product development ), raw materials, pharmaceuticals, household products, detergents, food supplements and many more.CMKurveCMBalken
  • n dermatological basis research.
  • In occupational health to underline the importance of skin protection measures.

Corneometer wirelesstop

The Corneometer® CM 825 is available as a stand-alone device, connectable to the MPA systems, as a wireless probe or in the Derma Unit SSC 3.

Please also read Frequent Asked Questions on the Corneometer®.

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Technical Data

Probe only:

Dimensions: 11 cm, Cable length: approx. 1.3 m, Measuring surface: 49 mm², Weight: 41 g 

Measurement principle: capacitance, Units: arbitrary Corneometer® units, Measurement frequency: 0.9-1.2 MHz, Pressure: approx. 1.0 N ± 10 %, measurement uncertainty: ± 3%

For the dimensions, etc. of the wireless probes, please see the technical data of the basic devices.

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.



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