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Tewameter® TM Nano

Ultra-small TEWL measurement probe for special skin sites

TM Nano Scalp

With its ultra-small measuring chamber (only 2 mm Ø), the Tewameter® TM Nano allows to measure the Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL) in g/h/m² on small, or difficult to reach sites, e.g. nails, scalp with hair, lips, etc.





The Measurement Principle

Advantages & Fields Application of the Tewameter® TM Nano

Tewameter principle

Technical Data

The Measurement Principle

The open chamber measurement of the Tewameter® is the only method to assess the TEWL continuously, which is necessary for most applications without influencing the skin surface. Several hundreds of  studies are available.


Advantages & Fields of Application of the Tewameter® TM Nano

Apart from the many advantages of the Tewameter® in general, the Tewameter® TM Nano offers additional benefits:
TM Nano nailTM Nano Scalp 2TM Nano Lip
  • The ultra-small probe head (only 2 mm Ø) allows accurate and quick measurement of the TEWL in g/h/m² (pressure, TM Nano Gummiringeocclusion, temperature). The small measurement chambers minimize the air turbulences inside the probe.
  • The measurement of the Tewameter® is the basic measurement for all cosmetic applications regarding efficacy/safety testing and claim support. The Tewameter® TM Nano  is ideally suitable to measure on small sites, e.g. nails, lips, scalp with hair, small animals, etc.
  • Special rubber rings make the probe sit tightly even on slightly curved surfaces (e.g. the nails). As they are exchangeable, the rings can be cleansed hygienically.
  • New sensor technology for precise and very stable measurements.
  • The accurate calibration of the probe can easily be verified with the check calibration mode.

The Tewameter® TM Nano can be connected to the MPA-systems.
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Technical Data

For the probe only:

Dimensions:  measuring chamber: approx. 2.3 cm high, Ø 2 mm, total contact surface: Ø 4 mm, length of the probe: approx. 15.3 cm, cable length:  1.3 m, weight: approx. 90 g,
Resolution: relative humidity ± 0.01 % RH, Temp.: ± 0.01 °C, TEWL: 0.1 g/h/m², Measuring area: TEWL 0-320 g/h/m²
Measurement uncertainty:
Rel. Humidity (RH): ± 1.8 %, Temperature: ± 0.2 °C
between 10 % and 80 % RH: ± 0.25 g/h/m² for TEWL values up to 5 g/h/m² and 5 % for values over 5 g/h/m²
0 -10 % and > 80 % RH: ± 1 g/h/m² for TEWL values up to 5 g/h/m² and 10 % for values under 5 g/h/m²

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.



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