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Skin-Colorimeter CL 400

An Economical Way To Look At Skin & Hair Colour

Colorimeter QuadratThe Colorimeter CL 400 measures specifically the colour of the skin. Measuring values are expressed as coordinates in the colour space L*a*b* (or as RGB).


The Measuring Principle

Advantages of the Skin-Colorimeter

Fields of Application

Technical Data

The Measuring Principle

The probe sends out white LED light, arranged circularly to uniformly illuminate the skin.The emitted light is scattered in all directions,some parts travel through the layers and some is scattered out of the Colorimeter principleskin.The light reflected from the skin is measured in the probe. The raw data of the probe are corrected with a special colour matrix to adapt them closely to standard values and are expressed accordingly.


Advantages of the Skin-Colorimeter:

  • The absorption and reflection behaviour of skin differs very much from other materials, as the skin is consists of different, translucent  layers, thus colour measurements of the skin are very complex. The Skin-Colorimeter probe is specially designed to detect smallest colour changes in the skin, thus ideal for comparison measurements.
  • The probe features a large illumination area, so that sufficient light reaches the skin surface for the measurement but a small enough measuring area not make sure the surface colour and not the colour of deeper skin layers is measured.
  • Very reproducible, economic alternative to other colour measurement devices for colour comparison measurements on the skin surface.
  • Very quick and easy measurement ( only 1 s)
  • Automatic calculation of ITA (Individual Typology Angle) for each measurement.
  • Light, constant pressure of the probe on the skin surface with minimized effect on the surface (pressure on the skin leads to changes in microcirculation and thus more reddish colour).
  • The accuracy of the Skin-Colorimeter probe can be checked easily anytime.

 Colorimeter faceCL Messung


 Fields of Application:

The probe has been developed especially for the needs of measuring changes in the skin & hair color. lipstick colormakeup and color

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical efficacy tests, like sun screen products, self-tanners, make-ups, whitening products, decorative cosmetics, hair and carotene food supplements.


The Skin-Colorimeter CL 400 probeis is available as a stand-alone device or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe.

Please also read Frequent Asked Questions on the Skin-Colorimeter.


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Technical Data

Probe only:

Dimensions: 13 cm, Core measuring area: Ø 5 mm, Illuminated area: approx. 17 mm Ø,

Cable length: approx. 1.3 m, Weight: 85 g 

Measurement principle: reflection, Light: 8 white LEDs arranged circularly, range of emitted wavelengths: 440-670 nm, Units: XYZ, RGB, L*a*b* index values (due to the unique structure of the skin and the special light source the values do not fully correspond to ISO standards and are therefore expressed as index values)., calibration to skin colours with a special correction matrix

Measurement uncertainty: ± 5 %

For the dimensions, etc. of the wireless probes, please see the technical data of the basic devices.

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.


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