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Basic Devices - MPA Systems - Multi Probe Adapter

Create your own measurement device exactly according to your needs

MPA start

The Multi Probe Adapter System is modular. It consists of a basic device and the probes. The user chooses a basic device meeting his requirements. The probes are digital and all calibration data are inside and therefore they can be connected to any of them. The different probes can also be used with stand-alone devices (Multi Display Device MDD) independently or as wireless probes which transmit the measurement values directly into software.


Corneometer® CM 825

The World's Most Popular Skin Hydration Measurement Instrument

CM QuadratFor more than 30 years the Corneometer® has provided the worldwide most used method to reproducibly and accurately determine the hydration level of the skin surface (Stratum corneum). This is documented by the numerous mentions in scientific literature in which the terms "corneometry" and skin hydration measurements are inseparable. The accuracy of other hydration measurement instrumentation on the market is always assessed against the standard of the Corneometer®.


Sebumeter® SM 815

Determining sebum on the skin surface, scalp and hair

sebum quadrat

For more than 30 years the Sebumeter® has provided the worldwide most used method to reproducibly and accurately determine the sebum level of the skin surface, as well as on scalp and hair. This is documented by the numerous mentions in scientific literature in which the terms "sebumetry" and sebum measurements are inseparable.



Mexameter® MX 18

Assessing Melanin Content and Erythema Level

Mexamater face with ring startThe Mexameter® MX 18 is a very easy, quick and economical tool to measure the two components, mainly responsible for the colour of the skin: melanin and hemoglobin (erythema) by reflectance. There are many fields of application where changes in the skin colour are of interest. The instrument is worldwide established and used in many scientific studies.



Tewameter® TM 300

Transepidermal Waterloss and Skin Barrier Function

Tewameter hand neuThe Tewameter® TM 300 is the worldwide most accepted measuring device for the assessment of the Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL). This is an indispensable parameter for the evaluation of the water barrier function of the skin and a basic measurement in all kinds of applications. Even the slightest damage in the skin water barrier can be determined at an early stage. Several hundreds of international scientific studies demonstrate its importance in dermatological research and cosmetological fields.


Tewameter® TM Nano

Ultra-small TEWL measurement probe for special skin sites

TM Nano Scalp

With its ultra-small measuring chamber (only 2 mm Ø), the Tewameter® TM Nano allows to measure the Transepidermal Waterloss (TEWL) in g/h/m² on small, or difficult to reach sites, e.g. nails, scalp with hair, lips, etc.


Tewameter® Triple TM 330T

New - Three heads in one probe of the worldwide most used device for transepidermal waterloss

TM330 Quadrat

 With this innovative new probe of the Tewameter® a variety of additional options are available for the users.


Tewitro® TW 24

Transepidermal Waterloss Measurement in Cultured Skin Samples

TWQuadratThe Tewitro® TW 24 is the only device to measure the water evaporation from cultured tissue sets (wells in a plate with medium) in up to 24 wells simultaneously with the worldwide most used open chamber measurement of the Tewameter®.



Invitro Tewameter® VT 310

Probe perfectly suited for TEWL-measurements on Franz cells

VT direkt membran close up

With the Invitro Tewameter® VT 310 a probe for the TEWL measurement is available, which offers all benefits of the Tewameter® and is perfectly suited to sit on a Franz cell.



Cutometer® dual MPA 580

The World's Most Established Elasticity Measurement by Suction

 Cutometer QuadratFor many years elasticity measurements with the Cutometer® have been recognized as standard in cosmetology and have been used to support the latest discoveries in this field. Due to its precision and ease of use compared to other elasticity measurement methods, the Cutometer® is mentioned in most studies on this subject worldwide.



Skin-pH-Meter PH 905

pH-Measurement on Skin and Scalp

ph hand QuadratThe Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 is a quick, easy and economical tool to specifically measure the pH on the skin surface or the scalp.




Skin-Colorimeter CL 400

An Economical Way To Look At Skin & Hair Colour

Colorimeter QuadratThe Colorimeter CL 400 measures specifically the colour of the skin. Measuring values are expressed as coordinates in the colour space L*a*b* (or as RGB).



Skin-Glossymeter GL 200

Measuring Gloss on Skin, Lips and Hair

Glossy Quadrat

The measurement of gloss is very important in the efficacy testing of skin care, hair care and decorative cosmetics (lipsticks, make-up, etc.). Skin and hair are supposed to show a natural, luminous gloss without appearing oily.



Skin-Thermometer ST 500

Assessing Skin Temperature and Microcirculation

Skin thermometer QuadratThe Skin-Thermometer ST 500 is a quick, easy and economical tool to measure the skin temperature which is an indicator of the skin's microcirculation.



Frictiometer FR 700

Assessing Skin Friction

frictiosondenkopfThe Frictiometer FR 700 is a quick, easy and economical tool to measure the friction values on the skin and other surfaces for various applications.



Indentometer IDM 800

Assessing Skin Mechanical Skin Properties from a Different Angle

indentometer ein Kopf

The Indentometer IDM 800 is a quick, easy and economical tool to look at the skin softness/stiffness.



Visioscan® VC 98 USB

Visioscan® VC 98 - Skin Topography directly from the Skin

Visioscan Quadrat

The Visioscan® VC 98 is a unique UVA-light video camera with high resolution to study the skin surface directly. The images show the structure of the skin and the level of dryness very impressively but it can also be used on spots or hair and scalp. With its multi-functional software, the Visioscan® VC 98 is a very flexible system to characterize skin surface condition easily, accurately and very economically.


CutiScan CS 100

Novel Method to Measure Viscoelasticity & Anistropy

cutiscan graph youngMeasurement of skin displacement during circular suction/relaxation by video (optical flow).
The CutiScan offers a new dimension of looking at the mechanical properties of the skin (viscoelasticity & anisotropy).


MoistureMap MM 100

Unique Device to Look at Hydration Distribution and Texture Properties

MM100 Quadrat

The MoistureMap MM 100 is a device, featuring a capacitance based sensor comparable to the renowned L'Oreal SkinChip®* . The sensor gives graphical information on the near surface hydration distribution and the micro-topography of skin and other tissues (textiles, plants, etc.).



VisioFace® RD

High Resolution Standardized Full Face Photography for Treatment Documentation

RD Visioface start

The VisioFace® RD and its software have been developed together with our partners in France at Monaderm to take highest resolution full face photos under standardized conditions for the documentation of treatments and studies. It is focussed on simple organisation of the photos and detailed comparisons.



Visioline® VL 650 (Quantirides)

Assessing the Skin Macro Relief by Replica and Oblique Lighting

Visioline QuadratThe Visioline® VL 650 is the ideal and economic instrument to objectively analyze the deeper lines and macro wrinkles such as "crow's feet". It is a further development of the renowned Quantirides® system.



Skin-Visiometer® SV 700 USB

Assessing the Skin Micro Relief

Visiometer ReplikaThe Skin-Visiometer® SV 700 USB is an established tool to evaluate the topography (micro relief) of the skin surface by light transmission of a very thin, special blue dyed silicone replica.



Sebufix® F 16

Sebum Collector Foil

Sebufix auf Visoscan Quadrat

The Sebufix® F16 is a special foil absorbing the sebum of the skin surface due to its micro pores and showing them as spots in different sizes. When mounted on the Visioscan® camera, the qualitative sebum production can uniquely be monitored in real time. The foil is applied to the skin and the sebum will become visible as transparent spots in various sizes after only a few seconds. The lateral spread of sebum in the foil is minimized. Skin with low sebum content shows a few small spots, whereas oily skin is visualized by a great number of large spots.


Corneofix® F 20

Desquamation Collector Foil

Corneofix Arm

The Cornefix® F 20 is a special adhesive foil collecting corneocytes (flakes of dead cells). The number, size and thickness of the corneocytes indicate the desquamation/hydration level of the Stratum corneum. When mounted on the Visioscan® camera, the desquamation can be evaluated by its software.



Visiopor® PP 34 N

Monitoring Acne Lesions by Skin Fluorescence

visiopor start

The Visiopor® PP 34 camera uses a specific UV-light to visualize the fluorescing acne lesions of an area of minimum 8 x 6.4 mm. The orange-red fluorescence indicates the presence of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria within clinically non-evident (follicular impactions and microcomedones) and clinically evident (comedones, papules and pustules) lesions.



Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

A novel, unique in vivo method to characterize the biomechanical properties of the nail

nm quadratFor the first time objective, highly accurate measurements on the nail are possible.
In collaboration with Prof. Paola Perugini from the University of Pavia in Italy we have developed a patented device to analyze mechanical properties of nails, such as firmness, elasticity and thickness.



DandruffMeter DA 20

Easy and quick method to analyse dandruff accurately

dandruffmeterDA20Analysing dandruff is an important subject in research of hair care products and their efficacy testing. With the DandruffMeter DA 20 a very economic and extremely convenient image analysis system is on hand.



Mobile Data Collector DC 3000

An Interesting Approach to Collect Efficacy Data of Products in the Real Consumer Environment

Mobile data collector device QuadratAn interesting, extremely cost effective approach for efficacy testing and claim support is this small, easy to handle, low weight, battery operated  device featuring the worldwide acknowledged Corneometer® CM 825 to measure skin hydration for use as a „home test" to be sent to the volunteers. Hydration tests with the Corneometer® are standard in efficacy tests of the cosmetic industry.



Sensorimeter SR 100

Combining Sensory Analysis with Objective Measurement Methods

sensorimeter Quadrat

The consumer's subjective evaluation of products is taken very seriously by the cosmetic industry and is part of almost every efficacy testing. Questions and answers result in a sensory product profile. Experience, taste, attitude, social background, culture and moods of the consumers contribute to the sensory analysis.



Derma Unit SSC 3

Assessing the Hydrolipidic Film of the Skin

derma unit SSC 3 Quadrat

The Derma Unit SSC3 is the classical compact device with a digital display for Sebumeter® / Corneometer® / Skin-pH-Meter all in one housing.




Meibometer® MB 560

Interesting device to measure the lacrimal fluid's lipid content

meiboaugeLipids produced by the Meibomian glands keep the moisture of the tear fluid, thereby prevent the eyes from drying and keep them clear with comfortable vision. The typical dry eye problem is caused when the lipid production at the Meibomian glands is disrupted. If the tear film becomes destabilized and can break down quickly, creating dry spots on the surface of the eyes.The Meibometer® is the first and only measurement tool worldwide offering an interesting and unique approach to assess this deficiency.



Ultrascan UC 22

Look into the skin with 22 MHz

UC Naevus22 MHz ultrasound is an interesting tool to look in vivo into the skin with plenty of different applications.

The Ultrascan UC 22 is OEM made especially for C + K and their customers to complete the product range of skin testing parameters with an extremely economic, easy to handle and absolutely accurate ultrasound device for cosmetic research.


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