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3 S-Biokit

Skin Surface Stripping in Dermatology

Biokit neu Quadrat

The 3 S-Biokit set is a quick, easy and economical method for a multitude of diagnostic possibilities in a least invasive way for dermatology, veterinary medicine and many others.


The stratum corneum holds a variety of information, not only on the skin itself but also on the metabolism state of the complete body. Therefore biopsies of the skin surface play an indispensable role in dermatology.

The 3 S-Biokit works with a fast hardening cyanoacrylate glue to remove a superficial layer of the stratum corneum (of a thickness of 2-3 cells). The glue polymerizes under slight pressure and generates a compound with the same optical properties as glass. This biopsy gives information on the in vivo state of the stratum corneum. It can be dyed and examined under a microscope.
biokit1 biokit2 biokit3 biokit4 biokit färben biokit microscope

Fields of Application

There are no limits to applications in dermatology. Also in certain efficacy tests, the use of the 3 S-Biokit can be helpful.*

biokit l skin aging biokit l sundamages biokit l skin aging II biokit l spongiotic dermatitis eczema
skin topography skin with visible sundamage aged skin spongiotic dermatitis (eczema)
Biokit l corneocyte distributon Biokit l benign Nevus biokit l fungal infection scalp biokit l yeast infection
corneocyte distribution melanocytic naevus (benign aspect) fungal infection on the scalp yeast infection (Candidiasis)
Biokit l mal melanoma biokit l electron biokit l chronobiology  biokit l fungal infection
malignant melanoma view under the SEM microscope chronobiology fungal infection (dermatomycosis)

And many more....
(*We thank Prof. Gérald Piérard from the University of Liège for his generous images of his work with the Biokit set)

Alternatively it may be used as a very quick, safe and time saving method for induced irritation by skin surface strippings. For the widely used tape stripping you need to perform 10-15 strippings leading to a result, which cannot be safely reproduced. According to our experience, with only two strippings with the 3S-Biokit very good results are achieved.


  • variety of diagnostic possibiliesbiokit set
  • extremely economical
  • minimal invasive
  • very quick and safe method for stratum corneum biopsies
  • easy handling
  • stable skin biopsies during time
  • hygienical advantages (pathogenic germs are inclosed in the sample, instead of being spread out during a biopsy)
  • established method, known for more than 30 years
  • defined skin stripping for scientific applications
  • a variety of scientific studies are available

cyan acrylic acid ethyl ester 5g
Sample carrier: PET foil
Medical product

This product is made by Skin Surface Techology in Belgium and is distributed by Courage + Khazaka.

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