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Device to determine cold contact urticaria and the individual threshold temperature for the patient

temptest mit arm QuadratThe device determines if a patient suffers from cold contact urticaria (CCU) and at what threshold temperature the symptoms occur. Cold contact urticaria is a form of physical urticaria, in which with contact of the skin with temperatures below skin temperature, symptoms like itching, burning wheals and/or angioedema will occur. The device can also detect heat contact urticaria (reaction to contact with temperatures above skin temperature). Cold contact urticaria however is the more frequent type.


3 S-Biokit

Skin Surface Stripping in Dermatology

Biokit neu Quadrat

The 3 S-Biokit set is a quick, easy and economical method for a multitude of diagnostic possibilities in a least invasive way for dermatology, veterinary medicine and many others.



Software Dermacheck 3000

New Software for Multipurpose Use: Dermatoscopy and IPL/Laser Risk Support

DC Quadrat eDermacheck 3000 offers extremely interesting measurement modules for the use in a salon or a sophisticated aesthetic institute. It combines measurements with probes for different skin parameters as well as camera images of the skin, dermatoscopy and laser/IPL risk assessment by melanin and erythema measurement.



Ultrascan UC 22

Look into the skin with 22 MHz

UC Naevus22 MHz ultrasound is an interesting tool to look in vivo into the skin with plenty of different applications.

The Ultrascan UC 22 is OEM made especially for C + K and their customers to complete the product range of skin testing parameters with an extremely economic, easy to handle and absolutely accurate ultrasound device for dermatology.


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