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Portable Hydration Scan

hydrosensor quadrat1Battery operated measurement of skin hydration, with built-in control buttons for the ambient conditions and attractive interpretation scale. Measurement of skin hydration showing the results: very dry, dry or sufficiently moistured skin on an attractve diode interpretation panel. The device measures also constantly the room temperature and relative air humidity and it can be set with the control buttons to regulate the skin hydration measurement results (e.g. with very high relative air humidity the same hydration measurement on the skin is interpreted lower).







Hydrosensor Stirn weiss

hydration hand

Advantages of the Hydrosensor

  • Unique way of adapting the measurement of skin hydration to the hydrosensor displaycurrent temperature and rel. air humidity. Thus it is an ideal tool to be used in all  geographical regions and climate zones.
  • Light, flexible and easy to handle
  • It can be used anywhere at the salon or counter to recommend skin care and hydration increasing products.


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Technical Data

Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 3 cm, Weight: 0.25 kg, Power Supply: battery (9 V)

Moisture: Measurement: capacitance, Time: 1 s, Scale 10 LED diodes, Frequency: 0.9-1.2 MHz, Dimension: 11 cm, Weight: 41 g

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.


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Pressure: 4 N/64 mm2

Number of measurement: approx. 400 (if the trigger is only pulled down slowly for the next free measuring section).

Measurement time: 10 s.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.3 x 2.3 cm

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