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Sebufix® F 16 & Corneofix® F 20 & Sebupad P 49

Three Specialists to look at Sebum and Dryness in Very Easy Ways

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Use special foils in many different ways for the quick & easy promotion of skin care products without any limits.






Sebufix® F 16

Corneofix® F 20

Sebupad P 49

Advantages of the Foils & Pads

Technical Data


Sebufix® F 16:

sebufixcorneofixSpecial foil to show the level of skin oilyness. It becomes spots related to the activity of the sebum glands and can then be evaluated. When the foil is applied to the skin and the sfcfpadchecksebum will become visible as transparent spots in various sizes after only a few seconds. The lateral spread of sebum in the foil is minimized. Dry skin shows a few small spots, whereas oily skin is visualized by a great number of large spots. When used with the Visioscope® PC 35 camera, the sebum production can be followed in real time on the screen in the software Complete Skin Investigation - CSI and also be evaluated.


Corneofix® F 20:

Special transparent adhesive tape to collect the dry skin (dead corneocytes9 from the skin surface. The dryer the skin the more flakes will stick to the tape, thus it is an accurate visualisation of the level of dryness or damaged skin. When used with the Visioscope® PC 35 camera, the desquamation can be evaluated in the software Complete Skin Investigation - CSI .

CF AuswertungenCorneofix KrperCorneofix ArmcorneofixaufkamCSI Corneofix eCorneofix Gesicht


Sebupad P 49:

Pad Stirnpen pad in stiftSpecial pad which shows black spots when in contact with the skin's oil. It can afterwards be compared to an optical chart or evaluated in the Sebu Pen SP 15 to give out a level of oil (Padbox%). Pad interpretation





Advantages of the Foils & Pads

  • They are a very cost effective quick alternative to perform skin analyses, impressively and quickly pads
  • The foils come in a convenient dispenser boxes and are easy to take out.
  • attractive promotion matterial attachable to product advertisement in magazines and journals
  • Usable as give-aways or in mailings or in combination with other promotion material
  • as "Home-Test" for the customer to check the real skin type at home after cleansing the the skin (with instruction on how to use and evaluation chart). The evaluation could also be done in the internet and afterwards a list of suitable products sent out to the customer.
  • The Sebupad can also be used in a self service measurement station.

    pad self service1pad self service2

  • The products can easily be customized to match your CI and your ideas.
  • Promotion material for all skin care products (especially against dryness and for oil reduction)
  • Sebupad® and Sebufix® are an ideal addition to "Skin Analysis Apps" for smart-phones or tablet computers. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Please also read Frequent Asked Questions on the Sebufix®.

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Technical Data

Sebufix®: Dimensions: 1.7 cm x 1.7 cm, Thickness: 0.2 mm, Corneofix®: Dimensions: 2 cm x 2 cm, Thickness: 0.1 mm, Sebumpad:  Ø: 1.4 cm , Height: 1 cm,

The foils & pads present no hazard to the skin.

Technical changes may be made without prior notice.



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