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Meibometer® MB 560

Interesting device to measure the lacrimal fluid's lipid content

meiboaugeLipids produced by the Meibomian glands keep the moisture of the tear fluid, thereby prevent the eyes from drying and keep them clear with comfortable vision. The typical dry eye problem is caused when the lipid production at the Meibomian glands is disrupted. If the tear film becomes destabilized and can break down quickly, creating dry spots on the surface of the eyes.The Meibometer® is the first and only measurement tool worldwide offering an interesting and unique approach to objectively quantify this deficiency.


Fields of Applicationmeiboschubladeoffen

There are several applications in human and veterinary ophthalmology where the sebum content of the lacrimal fluid is of interest.

  • It is important for basic research on the meibomian glands and the tear film.
  • It is used for clinical diagnosis and the monitoring of the course of eye diseases, especially with the very common dry eye problem.
  • Quantifying the Meibomean lipids helps minimizing the risks of eye surgery and optimizes the outcome.
  • It is important for efficacy testing of pharmaceutical products and the safety testing of cosmetic products.

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