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MM100 QuadratMoistureMap MM 100 with new housing, software and accessories - Worldwide under the license of L'Oréal

The MoistureMap MM 100 is a device, featuring a capacitance based sensor comparable to the renowned L'Oreal SkinChip® for many years. The sensor gives graphical information on the near surface hydration distribution and the micro-topography of skin and other tissues (textiles, plants, etc.). Thus the device has many interesting fields of application. We are happy to announce that our device is licenced worldwide under the L'Oréal patent for the Skin Chip® (EP 1 438 922 B1).
The device now comes in a new, attractive housing.

The new user friendly and convenient software allows to analyse the results known in literature to describe the near surface water distribution (MoistureMapping). In addition it features improved topographic parameters: direction of lines (anisotropy), number of intersection between the lines (divided in different size classes) and the corner density and many more interesting featuers.
MMStartmmmosituremappingmmless structure1
With our MoistureMap in vitro Adapter (optional accessory), the probe can be mounted in the stand with the sensor pointing upwards. In addition different donor chambers can be put on the MMinvitroobensensor surface.


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