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Tewameter® Triple TM 330T

Three heads in one probe of the worldwide most used device for transepidermal waterloss

TM330 QuadratWith this innovative new probe of the Tewameter®, a variety of additional options are available for the users.


Why using 3 Tewameter probe heads at the same time?TM330arm

  • With three probe heads a larger skin area can be measured reproducibly and very fast.
  • A measurement on three different skin sites (e.g. three different products) van be performed simultaneously under the very same environmental conditions in a very short time.
  • The three probe heads can be placed freely and completely flexible on the skin surface, e.g. close together or further apart. The setting is very easy.
  • During the measurement the software shows the TEWL-value, the average and the standard deviation of each head. The overall average is also automatically calculated.

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