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Wireless Probes

Transmit your Measurements Directly into Software

wirelessMost of the C+K probes are  now available as wireless probes transmitting the measurements via radio to a small receiver unit RR 200 which is connected to the computer at the USB port. The values go in a special MPA Wireless software. The probes are battery operated. The values can be transmitted from a distance of 5-10 m.





Following probes are available wireless:

  • Corneometer® CM 825 WL
  • Mexameter® MX 18 WL
  • Tewameter® TM 300 WL
  • Skin-Colorimeter CL 400 WL
  • Skin-Glossymeter GL 200 WL
  • Skin-Thermometer ST 500 WL
  • Skin-pH-Meter PH 905 WL


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