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New Scientific Basic Devices

Device Family with a New Look - Multi Probe Adapters and Stand-Alone Devices

MPA startThe worldwide used Multi Probe Adapter Systems (MPA), which enable you to create a skin measurement devices according to your needs and applications, have become a family with a new face.


The MPA 5 and 9 will be replaced by MPA 6 and 10 (Sebumeter® built in and the possibility to connect up to 5/9 C+K probes of your choice). The design is sliMPA10ghtly different and a green bar is lit up, when the device is connected to the computer. All other functionality remains the same.



Cuto dual

The Cutometer® MPA 580 will be replaced by the Cutometer® dual MPA 580: The design is similar to the MPA 6/10 and in addition to its functions up to now it can feature two Cutometer® probes (with different aperture Ø) at the same time (a second measurement button is integrated in the software). Thus elasticity research has become more comfortable.


Mexameter MDD


New Stand-Alone Multi Display Devices

If you prefer to work without computer, the Multi Display Device MDD with a C+K probe and the ambient condition sensor is the right device for your investigation

The new MPA devices have been introduced since May 2012.

Read detailed information about the MPA systems and the stand-alone MDD....

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