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The "Maus" opens the Doors 2016

„Door Opener Day“ from the famous children's TV show „Sendung mit der Maus“

Maustag1...... and C+K in the midst of it

The 3rd October 2016 brought a lot of children and their parents to our company in Köln-Ossendorf for a live experience of interesting facts like in the famous children's TV programme. At different stations they could learn about the skin and the measuring instruments for the parameters showing the individual need of skin care. Special focus was directed on sun protection. With the help of the  Sun Protection Diagnostic SP 37 they got an idea about their individual self protection time and the SPF they should use. The VisioFace visualized hidden pigment spot and freckles in the face. The demonstration material from the "Sonnenbus" (sun bus) of the University of Cologne could be taken home. The children and their parents were also quite amazed that our skin testing instruments are used at the moment  on the Internationalen Space Station (ISS). Not only our small and large visitors but also we had a lot of fun at the „Maus-Türöffnertag“.


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