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Visiopor® PP 34 N USB with evaluation software

Camera to Monitor the Activity of Acne Bacteria

visiopor startThe Visiopor® PP 34 camera uses a specific UV-light to visualize the fluorescing acne lesions of an area of 8 x 10 mm. The orange-red fluorescence indicates the presence of P. acnes bacteria within clinically non-evident (follicular impactions and microcomedones), and clinically evident (comedones, papules and pustules) lesions.


There are numerous applications in dermatology and cosmetology: 

  • Detection of early invisible lesions and visualization of advanced small acne lesions, 
  • efficacy of anti-bacterial cleansers/shampoo/drugs and skin aging/sun damage
  • determination of the comedogenic and comedolytic activity of topically applied products.

The Visopor® is USB based and can be connected directly to a computer. It comes with an easy to handle evaluation software (distinguishing  the porphyrine bacteria from other flourescents in quantity, size and intensity).

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