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Ultrascan UC 22

Look into the skin with 22 MHz

 UC Naevus22 MHz ultrasound is an interesting tool to look in vivo into the skin with plenty of different applications.

The Ultrascan UC 22 is OEM made especially for C + K and their customers to complete the product range of skin testing parameters with an extremely economic, easy to handle and absolutely accurate ultrasound device for cosmetic research.

There are numerous applications for ultrasound measurements:ultrascanUC22cosmetic

  • Skin aging & sun damage
  • Skin thickness & skin density
  • Efficacy & control of laser treatments
  • Efficacy and control of aesthetic skin treatments
  • Cosmetic research
  • Osteoporosis risk (optionally)
  • Efficacy & control of wound & scar treatment and the monitoring of the tissue beneath wounds/scars
  • and many more

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