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Visioscan VC 20 plus

Visioscan® VC 20 plus

New hard- and software

The worldwide (and space-wide) popular Visioscan® in a new outfit– a multi-functional talent!

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2nd C+K Skin Workshop

2nd C+K Skin Workshop in China

A great, successful event!

We thank our Chniese distributor for the perfect organisation of over 200 interested participants and sophisticated speakers on skin measurements.

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New EEMCO guideline on skin water measurements

The experts make it clear: the open chamber method of the Tewameter® is the best

The EEMCO Group (European group on efficacy measurement and evaluation of cosmetics and other products) is back with its latest guideline on the very important skin water measurements.

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 Tewameter® TM Nano

Tewameter® TM Nano

Meet the latest member of Tewameter®-Family

With its ultra-small measuring chamber (only 2 mm Ø), the Tewameter® TM Nano allows to measure the Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) in g/h/m² on small, or difficult to reach sites, e.g. nails, scalp with hair, lips, etc.

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 Use of the  Meibometer® strips to measure the sebum on the scalp between hair

Quick and convenient sebum measurement on the scalp

Special Application for the Meibometer® MB 560
Using an optional adapter allows to measure with the strips for the Meibometer® easily and conveniently the sebum on the scalp with parted hair.

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Tewitro® - TEWL measurement on up to 24 cell cultures

Tewitro® TW 24

Transepidermal Waterloss Measurement in up to 24 Cultured Skin Samples Simultaneously
The Tewitro® TW 24 is the only device to measure the water evaporation from cultured tissue sets (wells in a plate with medium) in up to 24 wells simultaneously with the worldwide most used “open chamber” measurement of the Tewameter®.

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VisioFace® basic

New Software for VisioFace® and VisioFace® lite

Automatic Image Analysis and Product Recommendation

The new software VisioFace® Basic supports VisioFace® 1000 D and VisioFace® lite.

Within seconds the facial image is analysed regarding pores, spots, wrinkles, skin tone evenness and UV pigmentation. According to the results individual products can be recommended.

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Nail StrainAStress Meter NM 100

Nail StrainStress Meter NM 100

Assessing Mechanical Properties of the Nail
For the first time objective, highly accurate measurements on the nail are possible.

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Indentometer IDM 800

Indentometer IDM 800

A new probe for the MPA-family

With the Indentometer IDM 800 a new probe to assess mechanical properties, namely firmness/stiffness in a very easy and quick way is available now.

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