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Multi Skin Test Center

MC1000touch start

FAQ for the Multi Skin Test Center

Multi Skin Test Center is not recognized in the software

  • Check if all cables on the back of the device are connected properly (especially power supply and USB). Check if the power cable is connected properly to the mains. (Please read also the chapter "Set Up" of the hardware in the instruction part 3 – The Multi Skin Test Center). Are all drivers installed properly (as described in the chapter "Installation of the Software")? Has the device been turned on (button on the back)?
  • In the programme go to the menu "Settings" and check if the correct USB port is set.

Sonden und Port e

  • In case of doubt, which number your USB-port has, the device is connected to, please check on your computer: Go to "Start", "Control Panel", then "Systems". If the setting of the port is ok, all connected probes must be listed. Please also read the chapter "Settings" "Probes" in the instruction part 1 – General Information on the Software.

CK USB port

  • At "Ports" you must see a CK USB port device (or several if the VisioFace® is connected as well).
  • The number of the port has to be set in the menu "Settings" under "Genera"l.
  • In case in the device manager there is no CK-USB device found, please disconnect the USB cable from that USB-port and try another port. A new hardware should be found and the CK USB driver has to be in-stalled as described in chapter 1.2.2 "Installation of the Software" (in the instruction part 3 – The Multi Skin Test Center; instruction can be dowloaded in our Download section for C+K customers with password).
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