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Measurement Parameters for Cosmetic Consulting

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Building on the long-term expertise from the scientific field, C+K has developed special measuring equipment for skin testing to promote cosmetic products or treatments at the point of sale in aesthetic salons or at the dermatologist's practice. The devices vary from small handheld units and flexible battery operated devices to sophisticated combined models with easy to use software to determine the needs of the skin and to recommend adequate products.






Parameters which can be assessed today at the POS:

Moisture (Hydration)

hydration wangeThe world's most commonly used method to determine the skin surface moisture by capacitance. An essential tool for the promotion of all kinds of facial and body care products. The quick and easy measurement only takes one second.





Sebum (Oil)

This photometric measurement of skin oil ideally completes the moisture measurement to determine the individual basic skin type. A special tape is inside the measuring probe (cartridge). sebustirnWhen in contact wloKasette Scheitelith the skin's oil the foil becomes transparent and this transparency is evaluated inside the devices by a photodiode. The measurement time is 10 s. One cartridge lasts  for approx. 400 measurements. A fresh piece a tape can be forwarded by a trigger on the side of the cartridge. Indispensable tool for the recommendation of facial -, hair- and body care products. Especially suitable for the promotion of special oil reducing cleansers and anti-acne products.


Pigmentation and skin redness

The probe measures the status of melanin (pigmentation) and erythema (redness) by reflection. Pigmentation measurements are the pigmentation armideal promotion tool for sun care and skin bleaching products. Redness measurements are useful for determining skin sensitivity or adjusting special treatments (e.g. IPL & lasers). The very quick measurement of the both parameters only takes one second.


Elasticity & biological age of the skin

Elasticity defines the quality of a material (e.g. the skin) to change its shape under application of a force and to return to its original shape when the force is ceased to be applied. To make this clear we could ballontake a balloon and try to change its shape by pressing our finger into the surface. As soon as we stop pressing, the balloon returns completely to its original shape. This means the balloon's skin is 100% elastic.Knete

The definition plasticity means the opposite of elasticity. E.g. plasticine changes its shape under pressure; ceasing the pressure, it does not return to its original shape but stays completely deformed.

Human skin is neither pure elastic (i.e.balloon) nor pure plastic (i.e. plasticine). It is composed of the both, therefore we talk about viscoelasticity of the skin.

This viscoelasticity of skin surface is determined by the elastine and collagen fibres. In younger skin these fibers are dispersed beneath the skin surface keeping it firm, supple and elastic.

With skin ageing, an additional influences like UVA light, mechanical and chemical strain, nicotine, alcohol, genetic predispositions, diseases and many others, the network of fibers gets more stiff and clustered, thus leading to skin slackening and wrinkle formation.

The measurement of the skin's viscoelastic properties are therefore a true indicator for the real biological age of the skin.

elasticity schlaefeThe measurement is the ideal promotion tool for elasticity increasing and anti-ageing products by use of the well-established suction method. Here, the skin's ability to resist pressure (firmness) and its ability to return into the original position when the pressure is released (elasticity) is tested. The results also show pre-mature skin ageing due to lifestyle and sun-exposure. Normally for the measurement 3 seconds suction and 3 seconds relaxation are applied.





Skin pH level

The quick and easy determination of the natural acidic coat of skin and scalp (between pH 4.0 and 5.5) is the basis of recommending adequate skin care products, soaps and shampoos. The measurement is very quick and takes only one second.


Skin temperature

temphalsThe infrared temperature measurement of the skin indicates quickly (1 second) the microcirculation (checking the temperature and comparing it to the temperature of a well circulated skin area). It is a valuable tool for selling products working in the field of cellulite, circulation enhancing products, etc.




Quality of the barrier function (Transepidermal waterloss)tewlhand

tewlwangeThe measurement of the water evaporating index from the skin is an indication of the quality of the barrier function of the skin. The measurement is performed in an open measuring chamber with two sensor pairs: temperature and humidity to exactly calculate the water gradient without influencing the skin and its micro climate. Even slightest damages in its barrier (not necessarily visible to the human eye) can easily be determined by this measurement. The specially developed sensors allow quick (15 seconds) and stable measurements even at the institute and for measurements at the work place (occupational health).


Skin & hair colour

glossyhaarThe skin colour can be expressed in RGB (red, green, blue values) or L*a*b. A quick and easy measurement to determine the best suitable colour cosmetics and make-up or hair care or colouring products.





Gloss on skin & hair

Skin and hair are supposed to show a natural, luminous gloss without appearing oily. The gloss is measured by reflection of a special light beam in the probe head.


Measurement with the Visioscope® camera

kamerastirnWith special illumination of parallel and cross polarized light interesting calculation can be performed on the close up images of the skin in the software Complete Skin Investigation - CSI.

Lines and wrinkles, pores and spots

 wrinkles newpores newspots new


Desquamation & Sebum gland activity

This can be assessed with the special foils Corneofix® F 20 and Sebufix® F 16 or the Sebupad P 49 with or without the camera Visioscope® PC 35.

sebufixcorneofixpadsCSI Corneofix esebufix new


Activity of Acne Bacteria

header cameras pp34nThe Visiopor® PP 34 N with a special UV light  polarisation light shows the presence of acne bacteria as impressive fluorescent lesions. Ideal for promoting cleansers and anti-acne skin care.


Full Face Photography

Photos of the face taken under standardized conditions and lightning and with the same placement in the VisioFace®  allow extremely interesting analysis possibilities.

VF Poren e VF Falten komplett e VF Poren farbe alle d
VisioFace® analysis of large and fine pores

VisioFace® analysis of wrinkles

VisioFace® analysis of colour differences

VF Poren Flecken e VF UV e VF 3D e

VisioFace® analysis of spots

VisioFace® UV-like pictures

VisioFace® 3D pictures






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