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air backair frontFounded in 1986, by Mr. Wilfried Courage and Prof. hc. Gabriel Khazaka, Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH introduced the first scientific measurement tools to objectively quantify parameters on the skin. Until today we have always been the world market leader in this field. Nobody else offers such a complete range of measurement parameters. Even after 30 years, we are constantly developping new parameters for skin & hair.

In general C+K offers two ranges of products, the scientific skin testing systems and the instruments to determine the skin type  by measurements to recommend treatment and products.

Use in the scientific field:

The devices have become the worldwide standard

  • in the R&D departments of cosmetic/pharmaceutical/raw material companies
  • in independent testing laboratories undertaking efficacy testing and claim support.
  • Due to their user friendliness and reasonable prices the instruments are not only used by large international companies but also by smaller and medium sized cosmetic companies to test their products at each stage of the development.
  • In dermatological fundamental research
  • occupational health has found that besides the tests of other body organs and functions (e.g. lung, ears, eyes, etc.) measuring the skin is a useful way of predicting where the skin is at risk and thus preventing skin disease among workers and has also an educational effect (to show the necessity of using skin care and protection products).

Of course this is only a selection of the user groups. There are many others interested in the skin (e.g.  food industry, textile industry) etc. Even in space skin physiological tests were done with the C+K devices on an ISS mission.


Hundreds of scientific studies performed with the C+K equipment are available.

Advantages of the C+K Skin Measurement Systems:

  • The C+K devices are used by the leading scientists worldwide as standard equipment.
  • C+K offers a very complete range of measurement parameters.
  • The devices are all easy to handle, with a quick measurement time and very economical.
  • They are modular and can thus be easily adapted to meet your exact needs.
  • The accuracy can be checked using easy check calibration sets for each probe.
  • Convenient software allows transfer of all measurement data into data analysis for individual evaluations.
  • C+K is constantly developping new measurent methods which can be  connected to your existing systems (MPA). We work in close relation with acknowledged scientists all over the world to investigate the need on the market and to get fresh ideas.
  • C+K always offers a friendly and quick service. We serve our customers through a global network of reliable distributors.

Use for Skin Type Analysis and Cosmetic Recommendations:

Beratung in der ApothekeBuilding on their know-how C+K has developed special measuring equipment for skin testing to promote cosmetic products or treatments at the point of sale (retail area), in aesthetic salons or institutes. The devices vary from small handheld units and flexible battery operated devices to sophisticated combined models with easy to use software to determine the needs of the skin and to recommend products.

Douglas Livestyle

  • Using scientific skin testing devices at the point of sale or in the salon or practice allow safe and credible cosmetic consultation with respect to the individual care products or treatments needed.
  • The measurements can be done quickly and easily, even though the environmental conditions do not correspond to those of the scientific tests in the laboratories.
  • The tests reinforce the competence of the consultant, distinguish from competition and the customers feel more secure with the products they buy.
  • C+K have found from years of experience in this field that this service leads to a remarkable increase in sales (up to 30 % of increase of turnover), particularly when this tool is used effectively.
  • When the skin type of the customer is known not only one single product but rather a complete set of products (e.g. cleansing, day- and night care and additional care) is sold. Such a service binds the customer to a brand and makes her/him a regular customer.
  • Therefore the devices are used all over the world by estheticians, dermatologists and leading cosmetic manufactures not only in research and development but also at the point of sale.
  • C+K does not only offer a wide range of standard products in this field (from small battery operated units to multi probe & camera units with sophisticated software but is also specialized in making customized devices (hardware and software) to exactly meet your needs and match your brands. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about your needs.


 The company provides CE approved products and has been ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 approved by the TÜV Rheinland

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