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Visioline® VL 650 (Quantirides®)

Assessing the Skin Macro Relief by Replica and Oblique Lighting

The Visioline® VL 650 is the ideal and economic instrument to objectively analyze the deeper lines and macro wrinkles such as "crow's feet". It is a further development of the renowned Quantirides® system.

  • Advantages of Visioline®

    • Small, easy to set-up hardware.
    • Easy to make replica in all sizes of all different body sites.
    • To analyse the same site before and after treatment, perfect placing of the replicas possible due to an overlay mask of the previous replica. In the device the replica can be adjusted to the same position very accurately by the x,y correction screws.
    • The measurements are possible in a second.
    • Studies can be created before starting to analyse the single replica and all images of one study can easily be compared and evaluated together.Calibration of the Visioline® VL 650 is possible quickly, easily and accurately by the user.
    • 3D and false colours for impressive marketing purposes available.
    • Replica can easily be taken around the world and afterwards analysed centrally in one place (ideal for multi centric studies or studies involving different ethnical groups).
    • The replica can be stored easily over long time periods.
  • Measurement Principle

    Visioline principle

    The measurement is based on skin replica made of Silflo® (a well-known, white, non-glossy silicone material) illuminated in the Visioline® device by oblique lighting at an angle of 35° (placed in the unit with 90° of the main wrinkle direction towards the light source). Thus, the mountains in the replica representing the wrinkles of the skin produce measurable shadows. They are digitalized by a high resolution camera mounted vertically to the replica and serve as a basis for different arithmetical calculations (length, depth and area of the wrinkles in μm).

    Visioline shadows
  • Fields of Application

    The measurement of the depth of the skin macro relief has been a most interesting subject to the cosmetic industry for decades. The Visioline® is an exact, easy to use, most economical tool for the R&D laboratories or the test institutes for formulation and efficacy testing of anti-wrinkle products, especially suitable for the large wrinkles as "crow's feet" or the naso-labial fold.

    Typical claims (examples) substantiated with the Visioline®: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, improves the crow’s feet area, smoothing, rejuvenating, anti-roughness and more.

    "crow's feet" in T0

    "crow's feet" in T0

    "crow's feet" in T2

    "crow's feet" in T2

  • Technical Data

    Technical Data
    Dimensions: 15.3 x 21.7 x 21.7 cm, Weight: 4.0 kg, Power supply: external 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, DC 12V/4A, Light source: white LEDs under 35° angle (+/- 0.5°), Interface: USB 2.0, type B connector
    Measurement area: from 13.5 x 18 mm to 16.6 x 22 mm, shadow length determination in μm, Camera: 2590 x 1920 Pixel (5 Megapixel), Objective: focal length: 25 mm, Aperture: 1.4-16
    XY- correction table: Resolution: 1 μm, Measurement uncertainty: 2 μm, Range: 10 mm

    Computer: Windows® 10, USB 2.0/3.0, computer  performance must meet system requirements (please ask for details).

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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