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Solicator® pro

Solicator® pro  - Fitzpatrick skin type testing

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Testing

Meet the new regulations for your solarium with an instrument of the world market leader for skin testing devices.

The exact measurement of melanin in combination with an established standard questionnaire determines safely and quickly the Fitzpatrick skin type for each person visiting the solarium.

This is a valuable support for a suitable sun bed exposure recommendation.

Since January 1st 2019 the first European country, Belgium, has implemented a new law which requests a device to determine the Fitzpatrick skin type in each solarium, if a person does not have an explicit certificate from a dermatologist stating his/her skin type. With the Solicator® pro and its software we have focused exactly on this field of application.

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Solicator pro
easy & convenient software
established standard questionnaire
scientific melanin measurements
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