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Indentometer IDM 800

Indentometer IDM 800

A new probe for the MPA-family

With the Indentometer IDM 800 a new probe to assess mechanical properties, namely firmness/stiffness in a very easy and quick way is available now.

The measurement principle is based on the force (by a spring) used on the small indenter of the probe to deform the skin. The more the small indention pin can deform the skin with a given pressure, the less firm/stiff the skin is.

The probe is available in different indention pin diameters to meet all different skin sites or application requirements. A special probe for scalp firmness measurements is also available.

The Indentometer has various uses in the field of efficacy testing, claim support and basic clinical research.

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Three different measurement pin diameters available
Measuring the firmness of the scalp
special applications
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